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Scavenger Hunt in Disney

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Yesterday, we went of a scavenger hunt for class.  We were given a list of 40 things that we had to try to find within Paris.  You can check out mine and Phoebe’s pictures at:

Today, we went to DISNEYLAND! I’ll try and write a blog about that tomorrow, but I want to show some of the pictures I ended up taking because I saw a lot of things from the list and ended up trying to see how many I could get.  Redonculous? Yes. Pathetic? I prefer to think not.

#1 dragon

#2 beautiful door

#10 Statue of Liberty

#12 live fish-Nemo? I didn’t take a picture of him though 🙁

#16 elephant

#17 cobblestones?

#18 beautiful lettering

#26 mansard roof

#27 riveted architecture

#28 crazy intersection

#29 egregious PDA

#30 street performer

#33 market display

$34 amazing thing made out of chocolate (I also had a Magnum bar and Ben & Jerrys)

#37 three arches

#38 gothic building, not a church