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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Yesterday, Professor Smith took us on a day trip to Brussels.  When we first got off the train, we saw a market with really cheap clothes and some rides.  I think the rides may have been because Saturday was Belgium’s national holiday.  Luckily for us, most of the places in Brussels seemed to be open despite the holiday, while, in Paris, many restaurants were closed the day after Bastille Day.

We wandered the streets of Brussels until we could find a place with waffles that Professor Smith considered to be good enough for our visit.  I tried speculoos with mine, which I can only describe as tasting like a graham cracker spread.

Then we went to the Margritte museum.  I had never heard of Margritte before (I am not an art expert), but he had some really awesome surrealism pieces.  I also liked the layout of the museum and how at the beginning of each floor there was a timeline of what was happening in his life.  It helped to put some context of his life with his work

Afterwards, we ate some fries and mashed potatoes.  Then, we went to a few chocolate shops and got to try some Belgium chocolates.  We wandered the streets of Brussels, discussed its planning and how it is different than Paris because Belgium’s power was much earlier and is evident by the narrow streets and less grand buildings (although there were still some!).  We finished the day off with more fries and waffles.  As we walked back to the train station, my belly was pleasantly very full.