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We went to DISNEYLAND!!!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

For class yesterday, Professor Smith surprised us with a day trip to Disneyland in Paris.  Disneyland has some similarities with Disney World in Florida, especially Main Street, USA.  There are a lot more thrill rides though, especially considering that it is a smaller park, which I really liked.  We went on Crush’s Coaster which was the best ride EVER and needs to come over to the United States.

The increase in number of thrill rides may be due to the fact that the park is much newer than the ones in the United States.  Disneyland Paris is 20 years old.  Paris was chosen out of all the options in Europe to have Disney, partly because the government had the power to easily build the theme park.  The park was built in the suburbs of Paris and required metro transportation.  Both the park and the public transportation caused economic development in the surrounding area.

The park itself combines the American elements that you see in Disney land, but there are also some French elements.  They had an arcade in Disneyland Paris (the Liberty Arcade), which a more Parisian architectural element.  However, the new and colorful buildings mimicking American architecture, along with the costumes and food, allow for interesting stereotypes of Americans to be formed by those who have not been there.

Scavenger Hunt in Disney

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Yesterday, we went of a scavenger hunt for class.  We were given a list of 40 things that we had to try to find within Paris.  You can check out mine and Phoebe’s pictures at:

Today, we went to DISNEYLAND! I’ll try and write a blog about that tomorrow, but I want to show some of the pictures I ended up taking because I saw a lot of things from the list and ended up trying to see how many I could get.  Redonculous? Yes. Pathetic? I prefer to think not.

#1 dragon

#2 beautiful door

#10 Statue of Liberty

#12 live fish-Nemo? I didn’t take a picture of him though 🙁

#16 elephant

#17 cobblestones?

#18 beautiful lettering

#26 mansard roof

#27 riveted architecture

#28 crazy intersection

#29 egregious PDA

#30 street performer

#33 market display

$34 amazing thing made out of chocolate (I also had a Magnum bar and Ben & Jerrys)

#37 three arches

#38 gothic building, not a church