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The Bus System

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

2 stops of the RER C are closed for track work, so we had to take a bus instead to get to class today.  It was my first time on the bus system in Paris, but it was not an enjoyable one.  Part of the reason was that a bus can hold a lot less people than the metro can and everyone was trying to cram into the bus.  Because of traffic, the bus was more stop and go, which caused me to constantly bump the people near me.  In a heavily populated city, such as Paris, heavy rail is necessary because of the volume of people it can hold (even if there are even more people than that during rush hours) and because it gets people off the streets which also cannot contain all of the people traveling.  It is much more reliable as well because it does not have to compete with other modes of transportation.

Near Cite Universitaire, there are lanes designated for light rail and I’ve also seen some lanes designated for buses in other parts of Paris.  These take out the unreliable nature of buses since they are separated from traffic.