Versailles and Mass at Notre Dame

On Saturday morning, the whole MICEFA group got on the RER and we went to Versailles.  It was drizzling and you could see the crowds entering Versailles, which didn’t seem promising.  At first, our audio tour taught us the history of the chateau, then we were lead through the rooms in the main part of the building, such as the Hall of Mirrors and the King and Queen’s Bedchambers.  Versailles is ridiculously ornate.  There is gold everywhere, the ceilings are painted, and there is rich wall paper and paintings on the walls.  It is hard to imagine how one lived in such a place, and harder still to imagine how normal it seemed to the royalty who called it their home.  The only major difference with how Versailles appears now, besides the lines and portions roped off, is the modern art displayed both inside the building and in the garden.  I thought that it deterred from understanding what Versailles looked and felt like at the time.


On Sunday morning, I went to mass at Notre Dame.  I did not understand what was going on most of the time, especially since it was in French and Latin, but it was still a spectacular experience with the incense, recitation, readings, and communion.

This weekend it has rained a fair amount.  If I was at Mary Washington, all of the girls would be wearing rainboots, but I have not seen a single pair in Paris.  In Paris, the women wear fashionable shoes no matter what the weather or the condition of the sidewalk.  The puddles on the sidewalk are not as bad here though because the sidewalks are slanted and have drains built in.

Today, there were multiple jets that flew over Paris.  Everyone on the streets stopped and watched them and took pictures (including me).  I tried to find out if there was any news about it, but couldn’t find any.

Tonight, in honor of our visit to Versailles, we watched Marie Antoinette.  I had never seen it before and honestly do not know much about how historically accurate or inaccurate it is, but it was really cool to see the palace in it and recognize the rooms.

2 Responses to “Versailles and Mass at Notre Dame”

  1. smendelsohn says:

    Yeah! I posted pictures of me in the Hall of Mirrors on Facebook. haha, I’m not really developing a French dialect though!

  2. Josephine says:

    I’m so jealous you went to Versailles! Did you see the Hall of Mirrors? I’m glad you’re loving France-hopefully you’re developing a nice French dialect when you speak French, haha!